Anonymous asked:

Imagine a trans girl homura coming out to madoka and being really scared and nervous and she keeps crying a lot but when she finally says it madoka is all like "It's ok!!! I'm trans too!!" and homura's just overwhelmed and she just hugs madoka really tight through happy tears

idislikecispeople answered:

Someone please turn this into a comic or something and make my life complete



Aww, it’s like, Homura was now male, and was nervous to admit his feelings, but it turned out makoda was now male too! rule 63 daaaaw~

Stop sexualizing and misgendering minors, you fuckass

how is this any more sexualizing than what the anon suggested




yesterday my grandma found a penny on the floor and said to my grandpa “there’s that penny again, pa!” and i absolutely lost my mind because i couldn’t shelve the thought of a single panel Far Side comic of two old people on the front porch in the middle of nowhere and a giant penny angrily and inexplicably rolling through the wastes

"there’s that penny again, pa!"